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Allergy Fatality Prevention In Schools

As kids head back to school over the next few weeks, many parents might be surprised to learn about food restrictions in the classroom.  It’s much more common today for schools to restrict the types of food students are allowed READ THE REST >>


Are your asthma symptoms worse at night?  Do you often wake up coughing and wheezing?  You’re not alone.  What you’re experiencing is called nocturnal asthma and it affects many people with asthma and allergies. Nocturnal asthma is no different from READ THE REST >>

Eating Right for Hotel Wellness

Allergy-friendly living is all about finding ways to feel healthier and happier by reducing your exposure to allergens.  Even your diet can have a significant impact on your asthma and allergies if you know which foods to eat. These allergy-fighting READ THE REST >>

You Deserve Air This Good

You depend on PURE Rooms to provide you with a comfortable, allergy-friendly oasis when you travel.  But what about the rest of the time when you’re out exploring a new city or conducting business?  You probably won’t be able to READ THE REST >>


Whether you live in the city or the country, fairs are a great summertime tradition for many families.  Fairs do present several allergy pitfalls but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a safe and fun visit.  The best advice is READ THE REST >>