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Temperatures may be sweltering in the desert Southwest, but you’ll find cool and crisp relief in the new PURE rooms available at the Embassy Suites Las Vegas!  With refreshingly superior air-quality, asthma and allergy-friendly PURE Rooms at the Embassy Suites READ THE REST >>


A new study finds that climate change is making life tougher for people with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.  This impact is expected to be felt most acutely over the next few months as temperatures reach their annual READ THE REST >>

This is the time of year when many people find themselves sniffling and sneezing more than usual.  Allergies may seem like a minor nuisance to some but for others, they create a high level of discomfort and have a serious READ THE REST >>

Hotel Exterior

Last week, we brought you a taste of sunny San Diego at the Residence Inn Sorrento Mesa.  Now we head up the coast to Silicon Valley and the Embassy Suites Santa Clara, which invites visitors to experience the best of READ THE REST >>


With summer knocking on the door, we’re especially excited to tell you about two new PURE hotels in warm and sunny California!  The first is the Residence Inn San Diego Sorrento Mesa, which just added 10 allergy-friendly PURE Rooms to READ THE REST >>