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Hundreds of children have been hospitalized over the past few days due to an uncommon form of the flu virus that is spreading across the Midwest.  Because this disease is characterized by acute respiratory symptoms, children with asthma and allergies READ THE REST >>

BOOK A PURE ROOM - Door hanger

With nearly 300 PURE hotels nationwide, it’s easy to find allergy-friendly accommodations just about anywhere your travels take you.  And now we’ve made allergy travel planning even easier with a brand new booking engine located right on our homepage!  Head READ THE REST >>

Green initiative, Indoor Air Pollution

Just about everyone agrees that lowering carbon emissions is a good idea.  Putting less pollution into the air slows climate change and generally improves the environment.  But can “going green” also help address human health concerns like adult asthma and READ THE REST >>

Back to School Road Sign

As kids head back to school over the next few weeks, you’ve got a hundred different issues to think about.  From the right school supplies to carpool schedules to extracurricular activities, it’s easy to get a little stressed this time READ THE REST >>


Want to make a difference for children with allergies?  If you live in New York state, we encourage you to contact Governor Anthony Cuomo and ask him to sign two bills that will help protect children with allergies, especially those READ THE REST >>