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16 Hypoallergenic Beauty Tips to Prettify Your Allergy Face

Like millions of other women suffering from seasonal allergies, spring allergies may be affecting your healthy lifestyle and self-esteem. With that Rudolph red nose, blood shot or swollen eyes and bloated face, you probably hate showing up for work or dressing up to go clubbing – you may event want to cancel spring break altogether. According to a recent survey published on endlessbeauty.com, beauty-related allergy statistics show that:

1. Spring clean your makeup kit. More than a year old makeup may significantly contribute to having an allergy face – so stick to the recommended prescription period as listed below:
• Mascara should only be kept for 2 to 3 months
• Throw out foundation and concealer after 6 months
• Keep your eye shadow and blusher for no more than 12 months

2. Use a couple of pillows while sleeping so you can elevate your head and keep the fluid away from puffing up your face.
3. Avoid putting tons of makeup to conceal your allergies. Instead, use damp makeup brushes to apply makeup and create a dramatic but natural effect.
4. Use naked eye shadow that consists of softer hues and less pigments to lighten up your eyes and diminish the puffy and watery effect caused by allergies.
5. Rub on some concealer beneath your eyes and towards the bridge of your nose.
6. Put on golden eye liner to the inner corners of your eyes.
7. Go with the bold brow trend where you can shape your brows to get that fresh, wide-eyed look without having to rely heavily on eye shadow. But go easy on the penciling, you do not want have a permanently surprised look on your face.
8. Get rid of that Rudolph red nose by applying illuminating powder or liquid on your cheekbones. This highlights your cheeks and draws attention away from your nose.
9. Steer clear of red and pink hues – you will only increase the visibility of your symptoms. Go for brown and gold colors instead.
10. To conceal redness in the eye area or rashes on the face, invest on a high quality bronzer with some shimmer and brown undertones.
11. Tired of make-up? Use a self tanner to conceal your symptoms. Make sure that you choose a tanning lotion that can give you a long lasting natural glow for a fresh healthy look.
12. Swollen eyes? Think twice before putting on glasses because they can help increase the puffy look.
13. Use a cooling mask or aloe for soothing and reducing the swelling of your eyes.
14. Only use high quality makeup and other cosmetics.
15. Don’t forget to consult your allergy specialist or dermatologist to determine which brand will suit your skin best.
16. Give watermelon juice a try! This drink is rich in water and antioxidants that will help eliminate that puffy look on your face.

Now that you’ve got your beauty and make up tips, always make sure to beat allergies before they creep up on you. PURE recommends keeping your indoor environments clean at all times with our hypoallergenic products such as PURE air purifiers and pillow and mattress encasements. And whenever you travel, keep your face pretty and allergy free at all times by booking into a PURE Room with one of our partner hotels. Find one right here www.pureroom.com/find_a_pure_room to experience hotel accommodations that are safe, clean and fresh due to PURE’s innovative 7-step purification process.