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All of a Sudden – Adult Allergies

There are people that have to live with and manage allergies their entire lives, avoiding dust, pollen and nuts.  But many allergy sufferers do not know that pollen allergies are not just airborne.

Their are people like Robert Tutton of the http://6thfloor.blogs.nytimes.com, who started having allergies in his adult years. In his blog post published last March 15, he described how in his mid 20s, he suddenly found himself keeping an EpiPen handy and double checking restaurant menus. “It started about two years ago, when I resolved to be healthier. I swore off Doritos for breakfast and bought a juicer,” he wrote.

However, a few months after he started his healthy lifestyle, he started coughing after downing a tall glass of fresh carrot-apple juice. “I coughed until I threw up. My skin tingled and itched, it turned beet red — from my face down to my chest. Hives started creeping out from under my sleeves toward my hands. I consider myself fortunate that my symptoms didn’t include my throat closing.”

Tutton had himself checked and the diagnosis was carrot allergies, although carrots never caused him any misery in the past. If you’ve had a similar experience and is as surprised as he was, then you may be interested to know that allergies can show up suddenly & unexpectedly, regardless of how old you are. And it could be anything; whether you’re eating carrots or walking through a pet store.

And guess what the main culprit may be for adult onset allergies? Pollen. According to Dr. Scott Sicherer of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai, there are instances when an adult becomes allergic or increasingly allergic when exposed to pollens. Furthermore, there are proteins similar to pollen in fruits and vegetables such as carrots. This means that eating a carrot is akin to ingesting pollens.

Dr. Sicherer, who is also a medical adviser for the Food and Allergy Research and Education added: “This, however, applies only to raw fruits and vegetables, since cooking breaks down the offending proteins. The other foods that more often trigger allergy in adults are shellfish, fish, tree nuts and peanuts.”

Brian Brault, CEO of PURE NA states that “All of our research shows a general connection between airborne pollen allergies and the pollens that are found in food.” About 70 percent of those with pollen allergies experience unpleasant reactions after eating certain foods.

And if you think enjoying a good meal is hard enough for sufferers, you probably haven’t heard that climate change and last year’s Superstorm Sandy could make the allergy season a bit worse this year. Increased pollen levels have been observed and two factors which greatly contributed to this are the mild winter and mold from standing water left from the storm.

PURE recommends these tips to help you manage the allergy season:
1. Use hypoallergenic pillow and mattress encasements and replace them on a regular basis.
2. Take a shower and wash your hair after a day outdoors.
3. Clean your house twice a week to get rid of dust, mites and other allergens.
4. Bathe your pets on a regular basis
5. Install air purifiers and regularly change the filters
6. Keep your indoor environment cool and dry
7. Keep your windows closed
8. Replace your air conditioning filters regularly
9. Be updated with pollen counts and pollen forecasts

Sneezing, wheezing, coughing, itching and swelling are tagging along with the return of spring. The best that you can do to avoid the misery is to stay in a safe and healthy environment with clean, fresh air. PURE offers safe havens for all allergy suffering travels world wide, just visit www.pureroom.com or use our search tool below to plan your next trip!