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allergy be gone

Winter isn’t always about holiday cheer for all; in fact many allergy sufferers have a very hard time in the winter months. Heightened reactions to mold, spores and dust mites can cause stress, pain and a feeling of discomfort. “Fortunately you don’t have to be sidelined from the festivities. Allergies during the holidays can be beat” –WebMD “During the winter, families spend more time indoors, exposing allergic individuals to allergens and irritants like dust mites, pet dander, smoke, household sprays and chemicals, and gas fumes — any of which can make their lives miserable,” said Dr. William Reisacher. These allergies can come from a line of things, Christmas trees, pets, ornaments, certain foods, high stress levels, Travel. The list goes on and on.


santa Are holiday Allergies holding you back?There are many things you can do to prevent this allergy build up. Air filtration systems can be used to cut down airborne allergies, and effects from pet dander, as well as dust mites. Make sure you are constantly washing hands, vacuuming carpets, washing floors and washing sheets in hot water. Another is to make sure Christmas trees and ornaments are not growing mold. Now this may seem far-fetched however mold grows very easily and can be a huge hassle. “Mold spores can cause additional problems compared to pollen allergy because mold grows anywhere and needs little more than moisture and oxygen to thrive,” said Dr. Rachel Miller. While many people think it’s the tree or other seasonal greens causing their holiday allergies, it’s actually the mold spores on these plants. If mold is your nemesis, you may want to steer clear of fresh trees, boughs, and wreaths, says Chiu, and consider switching to artificial decorations. Or, to make live greenery less inclined to trigger allergies during the holidays, try hosing plants down before bringing them inside, to get rid of existing spores. -WebMD. Also try storing decorations in dry containers to reduce moisture.

Boy Are holiday Allergies holding you back? The allergies don’t stop there however; Stress can be a huge reason for allergy reactions. “Chemicals released by the body during stressful times can cause the muscles around your airways to tighten, making it harder to breathe”- American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. ”Stress can cause asthma to flare, but it may not do allergy’s good either” writes Kenneth block, MD he maintained that the best ways to bolster your immune system so that it can more easily fend off allergy symptoms is to recognize the effects of stress, anxiety, and other emotions on your immunity and try and avoid them.” He went on to say that simple things such as meditation, yoga, and massage therapy could be used as holiday gifts to yourself.


So look out for allergic reactions this holiday and try and enjoy yourself. Keep air quality strong, carpets bedding and hands washed, and forget about the unnecessary hassles of allergies and live PURE!


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