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Our team of trained specialists have always been in pursuit of learning all the latest technologies and innovations relevant to our goals, which include being the best when it comes to providing quality & allergy-friendly atmospheres right from the door knob and up to the air filters of your PURE Room.

In November 2012, we were awarded a major seal of recommendation from My Real Review Canada. My Real Review Canada is a peer reviewed non-paid endorsement organization that tests the product or service offered by a participating company. This was a major achievement–not only for us, but also for millions of satisfied customers who trust in our ability to provide them the best experience with whichever Pure Hotel Room they choose to stay.

This year we intend to bring the experience to a wider range of territories across the globe. Recently in India we launched the award-winning PURE Room program through a promotional event hosted by the American Center in Delhi. Leading organizations in the hospitality, medical, real estate, and fitness industries participated and shared the reasons why they’ve embraced PURE as the newest amenity for their discerning customers.

“The minute I was exposed to the concept of PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms, I knew that it belonged in my hotel, for my guests to further be pampered during their stay with us,” says Romil Ratra, the InterContinental’s General Manager during the PURE launch in India.

Similarly, last December in Seoul, South Korea, The W Hotel and PURE Korea joined hands to make PURE’s patented air and surface purification program available to W Hotel guests. Travelers to Seoul with allergies and asthma as well as others with respiratory difficulties can now breathe easier with the introduction of PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms.

PURE has installed its comprehensive indoor environment solution in almost 300 hotels in 13 countries, and today remains a brand standard in all Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. PURE continues to expand in other countries in Asia including Taiwan and China, fulfilling our commitment to providing the healthiest, safest and most enjoyable indoor environments worldwide.

About PURE
PURE is a company who is committed to providing solutions that allow individuals to live a clean, quality lifestyle, at home or on the go. Aside from focusing on allergy-friendly options for the home as well as PURE Rooms, PURE is also working to bring their technology to schools, offices and retail outlets worldwide. PURE’s passion is to make lives better and improve all realms of life.