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Breathing for Two: Tips on how to breathe healthy air during pregnancy

Here are some helpful tips on improving the quality of household air while you are expecting and why buying an air purifier during pregnancy is the best investment for yourself and your little bun in the oven.

1. Breaking the mold. Damp walls and wooden flooring are the favorite hubs for mold and mildew. Water stains on furniture, cloth, window frosts, and even spider webs hanging from the ceiling produces dank air. Take away the stuffy smell in any room with a purifier dedicated not only to kill the musty odor but also kill the germs, as well. The PURE anti-allergen spray is a potent defense against mold, mildew, pollen, and animal dander smells. Just spray onto dry surfaces and the safe non-toxic chemicals take effect.

2. Easy on the freshener. Sometimes that lemony scent can make you heady. And no, it’s not just your morning sickness that’s making you vomit — with aerosol propellants being mainly composed of flammable gasses, the synthetic smell of canned air fresheners can have an impact on headaches, dizziness and increased heart rates. As with most pregnant women, the olfactory nerves are hyped up that makes strong perfumes and smells hazardous. To make your room freshly smelling, use essential oils like lavender (calming) and jasmine (anti-depressant) to help you prepare for the due date. The PURE tea tree oil is an effective solution in eliminating yeasts, mold, and fungi.

3. Home is where the heart is. The first trimester in your pregnancy is crucial in your fetus’s organ development. While you’re busy trying to create a little haven inside you, let PURE Room take care of you from the outside. Protect yourself from nasal allergies and asthma with PURE’s Combo Pack. This state-of-the-art home purifier is so silent you can even install it in the nursery.

4. Quality air even away from home. Visiting friends and relatives to share the good news? Have a home away from home at any PURE Room. These allergy friendly hotel rooms are treated with the PURE process to ensure you are protected from allergy triggers.

5. Pollen Counting. Walking around the block is a good way to keep fit while you are in your late trimesters. However, be wary of pollen and other allergens that you might pick up outdoors. Check your areas pollen count before heading out.