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We love our pets like members of the family and it’s hard to imagine living without them.  If you suffer from animal allergies, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun and companionship that comes from owning a pet.  In READ THE REST >>

PURE Room for asthma travel

If your allergies tend to flare up more often during the winter than the summer, you’re not alone.  Many people with allergies don’t understand why they sniffle and sneeze when pollen clearly isn’t the problem. One likely explanation is dust READ THE REST >>


February is the month when many of us start to look forward to spring and put off being active until the weather warms up.  This is especially tempting if you have adult asthma since the cold, dry air outside can READ THE REST >>

Yogo Woman

You’ve probably been there before:  it’s time for your workout and you want to stick to your healthy living routine, but you feel like your allergy symptoms are holding you back.  Should you hit the gym or wait a day READ THE REST >>


Don’t hide from winter.  Embrace it with a ski vacation to one of these top allergy travel destinations! Cold and dry winter air can aggravate your asthma and allergy symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outdoors, hit the READ THE REST >>