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All of a Sudden – Adult Allergies

It’s October and fall is officially here.  So why are you still sneezing and congested?  You may think that allergies only strike during the spring and summer, but the truth is that your symptoms can be triggered at virtually any READ THE REST >>

Green initiative, Indoor Air Pollution

At PURE, we believe that allergy-friendly and eco-friendly ought to go hand-in-hand.  Whether you’re looking to reduce your asthma symptoms or your carbon footprint, a clean and sustainable environment is good for your health and for the planet.  That’s what READ THE REST >>

allergy be gone

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again?  Time to dig up the hats and winter coats, pull out the snow shovel and ice scrapers and get your family ready for winter.  But while you’re busy planning how READ THE REST >>


It’s that time of year again.  As summer reaches its peak, you may notice that your allergy symptoms start to spike as well.  The culprit is ragweed, one of the most common allergens, which pollinates in late summer as the READ THE REST >>


Experts have long suspected a link between asthma and obesity.  Now a new study confirms that higher percentages of body fat in children directly correlate with a greater risk of adult asthma later in life. The findings come from a READ THE REST >>