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If the idea of staying at a hotel that has mold in its rooms sends chills down your spine, be aware, it isn’t as uncommon as one would think. Reviews from recent travel websites, news articles and in TV reports READ THE REST >>


Florida-­based travel writer Tony Conboy has traveled extensively throughout the world and the United States, while enduring a variety of medical issues. Tony suffers from severe asthma, allergies and migraines, and is under treatment by an allergist/immunologist and a neurologist. READ THE REST >>


There’s something special about Chicago in the spring.  After months of snow and frigid weather, the city comes alive again as people start to get outside and embrace the changing of the seasons.  The best of Chicago—from it’s bustling excitement READ THE REST >>


This is the first post of a new blog that will keep readers up to date with the latest information on hotels offering the Pure Allergy-friendly hotel room difference. It will also provide readers with the latest information on Pure’s READ THE REST >>

Hypoallergenic dog breeds

Animal allergies present a unique set of challenges for travelers.  Some hotels welcome guests traveling with their pets while others restrict them to a designated section of the hotel.  Many hotels prohibit pets but must still make accommodations for service READ THE REST >>