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Allergy Travel Tips - Spring Break

It’s (finally) that time of year!  After an especially cold and brutal winter, many of us are hastening the arrival of warmer weather with a trip for spring break.  Get the most out of your spring break vacation by preventing READ THE REST >>

Woman with scarf

You know a PURE allergy friendly hotel room is your best option for a healthy and comfortable stay away from home.  But there are many other reasons to love PURE Rooms.  Here are some of our favorites. 1.  Your kids’ READ THE REST >>


While much of the East continues to suffer under the grip of winter, they’re enjoying dry and mild  weather out West.  Spring is an excellent time to visit San Francisco—before both the temperatures and the tourist season start to heat READ THE REST >>

Let Your Child Soak up Summer Sans Allergies

Traveling with kids and family can get expensive, but a family vacation doesn’t have to break the bank.  Make your next getaway more affordable with these simple money-saving  travel tips! 1. Book early.  Many hotels and airlines offer significantly reduced READ THE REST >>


Many people with asthma and allergies are also sensitive to certain harsh chemicals.  Travel can be difficult with chemical sensitivities because you are exposed to an unfamiliar environment for an extended period of time.  Avoid these ten hotel room challenges READ THE REST >>