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It’s officially fall—the leaves are changing colors, the air is cooler, and the streets and store windows are filled with Halloween decorations. For many, fall means a respite from the heat and humidity that typically dominate the summer months; so many people prefer to spend time outdoors. There are many wonderful things to look forward to during this season. Aside from the gorgeous Fall colors exquisitely painted by Mother Nature, you and your family can also enjoy the following:

  •  Pumpkin patches
  •  Hayrides
  •  Lazy, cool weekends by the lake
  •  Retreats to a cozy mountain cabin
  •  Haunted house adventures
  •  Trick or treating
  •  Halloween costume parties
  •  Hot ciders
  •  Pumpkin breads
  •  Butternut squash soups

But however crisp the fall air is & however pleasant temperature, pesky allergens still lurks in the air. For some people, allergies are even more severe in the fall than they are in the spring. Ragweed is a huge allergy trigger for many. Even though it begins pollinating in August, it can actually extend well into the fall months. Mold is also a huge irritant in the fall, since it thrives in damp areas like the piles of leaves that usually line the streets and houses during the autumn months.

Regardless of what triggers your allergies, it seems more than logical to ensure that they don’t affect you this fall, especially when you travel. Enjoy the Fall months for all its splendor and fun by checking in to a PURE room in one of the renowned hotels across the country. Plus, check out the PURE website  pure home to view the PURE product lines and start transforming your home into an allergy-free sanctuary in time for the holidays.