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PURE Room Allergy free living

Well, here we are people. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us and that light we see at the end of the tunnel is the Christmas Train barreling at us. This inevitably means that we will be visiting co-workers, family members and friends and breathing the air in their homes. If these holiday hosts have pets it can create a Grinch-like experience for those of us with allergies and asthma.

Robert Preidt of HealthDay and USA Today wrote this weekend about ways to cater to the needs of our guests who have allergies and asthma and guess what what he said? Essentially you should treat your home the same way Pure treats a PURE Allergy Friendly Hotel Room. In his article he specifically recommends that hosts “…wash bedding in hot water to eliminate dust mites,” and guests “…consider bringing your own pillow or allergen-proof pillow cover”.

These are fantastic ideas and I recommend for an allergy-friendly holiday. You could however let vacationers stay in a Pure Room and virtually ensure that their allergies and asthma will not interfere with their holiday revelry. You can find a Pure Room anywhere in the world right at the bottom of this page. Allergy friendly travel is pretty cool, huh?

Today Pure offers Air Purifiers and Mattress and Pillow Encasement for your home and we will soon make our Anti-Allergen Spray and Tea Tree Oil available as well.
-Tom Pickles