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Room of Hope_PURE_Room_062212

Room for Hope by the Hyatt Regency Boston Hotel & Children’s Hospital in Boston.

How far would your $45 go? You can have some good damage with that at the dollar store. But better yet, you can help save lives and improve hospital care. Sounds over the top at first, but not when we tell you that you can also combine your allergy-free travel with a good cause in one great package. PURE is proud to sponsor the Room for Hope.

This one-of-a-kind Respire room is a fundraising project by the Hyatt Regency Boston Hotel and the Children’s Hospital Boston where they teamed up to re-design a hotel room adorned with bathroom tile mosaics and framed artwork by children patients. There is also a World Map showcasing the regions where the patients are from. The hospital’s history is artfully incorporated into the design details. This corner king room is all yours for an additional of $45/night.

This project’s goal is to raise $25,000 for the Children’s Hospital Boston. Aside from the proceeds in the room accommodation, pure hearts can also reach out by submitting donations at check-in, round-up-the-change program in the hotel restaurant, donation envelopes in rooms, and online solicitations.  This special room is available through April 2013.

You’d surely smile knowing that you are allergy-safe inside a PURE Room and upon seeing this on your wall:

Welcome to the Room for Hope benefiting Children’s Hospital Boston. We hope you enjoy the special touches inside – many created by patients at Children’s – and we hope you enjoy your stay knowing that your generosity will better the lives of the patients and families who need Children’s most.

Sleep well. Do well.

 Read more about the room for hope here: