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That is a great question! We encourage all guests to live without boundaries at home as well as traveling. We take many steps to certify our PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms, so we do offer a few of those products on our PURE at Home site to guests!

PURE’s microfiber mattress and pillow encasements are key to prevent dust and dust mite allergens. Another great feature is our Standard and Small Air Purifiers. These are both listed as a Class II Medical device that will kill 98-100% of bacteria and viruses improving the air quality, allowing you to breathe easier at home or in your office. The first set of filters are included then replacements are sold separately. We offer our PURE Tea Tree Oil, a natural product, which should be placed in an area to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. And lastly our PURE Anti-Allergen plant based spray renders allergens harmless at the source. This can be used on both hard and soft surfaces and is safe to spray around children and pets.

Please visit our site www.pureroom.com/pure_home for more information!

Thank you,

Lindsay Hall