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PURE flashpacking traveler

You’ve heard the story countless times: corporate warrior gone weary of the concrete jungle, he packs his bags and travels to exotic destinations for a year or so. But is nomadic living doable even if you have asthma?

There’s a new breed of backpackers and they are not into budget travels. Instead, they immerse in global cultures even when they stay in comfortable hotels rather than moldy homestays.

Want to be a flashpacker? Don’t let your allergies put a barrier in your adventures. Here are helpful tips on allergy travel other than packing an inhaler in your backpack.

1) Do your homework. Flashpacking or backpacking for an extended period of time appeals to the free-spirited. But that doesn’t mean you will do away with itineraries. Though you shouldn’t have a fixed plan, it never hurts to research beforehand the places you’ll be visiting, the culture, and the accommodations. Reading travel blogs is also helpful.

2) Pollen check. Whether you’re flashpacking Asia or Europe, it always pays to review the pollen count data and know what time of the year is the best time to go. But if you have no choice but to go there during pollen season, be sure to plot the directions to the nearest hospital and pharmacy on your GPS. Stuff your bag with your allergy medications, as some may not be available overseas.

3) Eat, pray, and love yourself. Just because you’re in for adventure travel doesn’t mean you will take your safety for granted. Think about the worst-case scenarios: getting mugged in Thailand, losing your luggage in a Philippine airport, and so on. Always secure your belongings and have a copy of your embassy’s contact details. A phrase book will come in handy, too, when you’re asking non-English speaking locals where the police station is.

4) Breathe Easy. Bed mites, mildew and other irritants are the nightmare of every asthmatic traveler. As a flashpacker, you have a more disposable income than budget travelers or good ‘ol backpackers. Flashpacking gives you the freedom to choose a more comfortable accommodation instead of roughing it out in a backpackers lodge.

Good thing there are PURE Rooms across the country and offshore. You are guaranteed to have a good night’s rest after a day of touring around the city. PURE rooms are protected from allergens and pollutants that could trigger your asthma.

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