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A new facet on treatment to allergic reactions has now been pinpointed by a team of scholars and doctors. Read on how this new study can improve the lives of millions suffering from allergic reactions.

A joint study made by scientists in Trinity College Dublin and the United Kingdom leads to a new development of a novel cell associated with allergies. This discovery opens new doors in treating asthma and other allergic diseases. The findings are published in the internationally-acclaimed research journal Nature Immunology.

The work is attributed to Prof. Padraic Fallon, Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Professor of Translational Immunology of TCD’s School of Medicine anad Dr. Andrew McKenzie of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Biology.

The population stricken with allergic diseases especially asthma and atopic dermatitis is increasing globally. Statistical studies show that Irish children have the fourth highest incidence rate of asthma across the globe. Lately,  researches on the treatment to allergic reactions are leaning towards understanding the processes and pointing out cells that have triggered allergic inflammation.

Prof. Fallon and his team observes a new white blood — the nuocyte –  that brings forth the early generation of immune responses that can later on develop into asthma or allergies. The new medical study singles out a new path on a nuocyte’s maturity and a transcription factor known as RORalpha. Thus, people with chemical sensitivity can now see a light at the end of the tunnel: allergic diseases can soon be treated through therapeutic strategies.

Professor Fallon’s studies in treatment to allergic reactions is supported by the The Wellcome Trust, Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board, and the National Children’s Research Center in Ireland.


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