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BOOK A PURE ROOM - Door hanger

Allergy-free travel is now possible by simply booking a Pure Room. Read how one business traveler reduced the stress while being away from home.

In a recent article in USA Today, Gary Stoller wrote an interesting article on Tips to take stress out of big-city business trips. In this article he speaks to multiple very frequent travelers that suffer from something that psychologists call “anticipatory anxiety”. This is a built up fear of the unknown about the logistics of their impending trip. People are nervous about getting a cab in NYC or public transportation in LA or will the meeting be in a safe area. The travelers all shared the ways that they deal with this added stress. Their remedies included things like working out in the gym at the hotel, sitting in a juccuzzi or hiring a driver. One person, Joe Harvey, says she reduces stress by taking steps BEFORE she travels while she is still at home. On the morning of her trip, she likes to “…sit on the front porch and…breathe the fresh air…”. If this helps Joe BEFORE her trip, when she gets to her destination her stress would melt away if she stayed in a PURE Room.

When a business/frequent traveler sleeps in a PURE Room they are breathing the best air that can be had in an allergy-free hotel room. The chance that they will come in contact with any of the “ICK” from the previous guest is virtually zero. A PURE Room is a healthy, allergy friendly alternative for every guest but if you are in a hotel room 200+ nights a year the benefits of PURE Room are even greater.

Joe and every other traveler deserve air this good. PURE Rooms are Making Lives Better all over the world, you should have one too.

Tom Pickles

Pure Relationship Manager

Say good bye to untimely asthma attacks while you’re on the road. Have a worry-free trip. Book a Pure Room now.