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Sneeze in the tropics: How to survive asthma in a hotter climate

Want to go backpacking around Asia? Don’t let your asthma keep you from visiting the breathtaking sights in Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives, Philippines, or wherever your nomadic adventure takes you. Here are tips on how to prevent an asthma attack while you are in a warmer clime.

Be safe. This is the rule of thumb when traveling. The tropical weather can be a friend or foe when it comes to your health. Always have your first aid kit near you. If you are traveling alone, share you itinerary with a trusted friend and carry a mobile device with you.

Tell your doc. Tell your doctor that you will be traveling to some place where the weather’s hotter. Whether you are staying for a short time (business trip) or a longer one (backpacking), you should stock up on asthma medicines and inhalers. Your medication might not be available abroad. Best of all, ask for a doctor’s certification. Who would want to get held up by the customs officer?

Go hypoallergenic. Yes, you may be traveling light but don’t miss out on things that could save your life like a hypoallergenic towel that could double up as a blanket when you are inside a dusty traveler’s lodge. Bringing your own hypoallergenic mattress cover is not a bad idea, either. Dust mites thrive well in hot climate.

Check the ingredient. Although food tasting is part of every travel adventure, always be wary of ingredients and food additives that could trigger your asthma. Asian cuisines often contain traces of palm oil and peanuts. Be careful when eating fish, shrimps, and shellfish, and have your medication at bay.

Whether the weather. Hello, monsoon season! Hello, pollen and spores! Wind changes below the equator are unpredictable at times. Check the local weather report before heading out for a swim in the ocean or hike in the tropical rainforest. Pollen count data may not be readily accessible. To be sure, have a hypoallergenic cover-up that you can wrap around your face when traveling.

Find a Pure Room. Staying at a hypoallergenic hotel is not luxury. It could save your life from asthma attics and other allergic reactions. A new environ may not be safe all the time. But good news as PURE now has allergy-friendly rooms outside North America. Find a PURE Room in Brazil, India, Malaysia, Aruba, and even as far as Trinidad and Tobago!