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Inconvenience effects of allergies and apnea.

Have you ever woken up after a long night of sleep yet you still feel exhausted? Trouble sleeping in the U.S. has been an ongoing problem for generations. However sometimes its not just bad luck that is causing this dissatisfying sleep. There can be very serious reasons you have not been receiving this sleep you have long desired.

Believe it or not allergies are a very big reason for most cases of sleepless nights. All day and night our bodies are exposed to allergies. Sometimes different individuals react differently to these allergies and in more negative ways. Allergic Rhinitis is very common and is when inhalant allergies affect the nasal passages. Swelling of the nasal lining, associated with Allergic Rhinitis can lead to turbulent airflow with snoring as a consequence.

Now we have all had an uncle or grandfather who snores in their sleep. Most times it’s entertaining and comical. However sometimes it’s not a joke. Several studies have suggested a link between Allergic Rhinitis and OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sleep is  dramatically impaired by allergic symptoms and the degree of impairment is related to the severity of these symptoms. People with OSA may suffer from not only daytime sleepiness but also a range of chronic health problems.

Heart disease, stroke, and sexual dysfunction are problems related to OSA. Snoring and other sleep problems are also linked with poor performance in school, lower IQ and even brain damage according to recent studies. Typical sleep apnea patients are middle aged, overweight, smokers and/or live a sedentary lifestyle. However according to NSF’s 2006 “Sleep in America” poll 15% of American adolescents take meds for allergies. With such high rates of sleep disorders and health problems among Allergic Rhinitis patients, getting adequate sleep on a regular basis is essential for mental/physical health and well being.

Don’t you think it’s time to go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed? Well don’t worry, take a deep breath and live PURE!!