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Tips every road warrior should know about pollen allergies. Read how to avoid hay fever and asthma while you’re on the go.

Pollen count espionage. If you’re visiting a new place, make it a point to check the pollen count at least twice within the day. The pollen count typically shoots up during mornings and on dry, windy days. Keep low, shut the window, and use the a/c.

Stay indoors during pollen red alert. Yes, you may be a pollen ninja but when you’re dealing with an invisible enemy, you better stay inside the house. Wait for sunup or sundown to exercise outside. Come out when its dark and stay in the shadows like a true ninja would.

Dodge pollen traps. It’s a downer to do your own laundry while you’re on a business trip. But please resist the urge to hang your boxers (or any laundry for that matter) outside as they will collect pollen.

Be a grass shinobi. Ancient wisdom says avoid natural elements that could over power you. But it’s no brainer to veer away from grass pollens from freshly mowed lawns.

Call for ninja backup. In whatever mission – whether it be business trip or family vacation – when the going gets rough, the tough gets medications. Stock up on antihistamines, decongestants, eye drops, nasal sprays, and asthma meds. Better yet, add immunotherapy shots to your weaponry.

Find an anti-allergy sanctuary. Allergy friendly rooms are no longer legends. PURE Rooms give you respite while you’re away on a business trip. These clean air rooms are treated and purified so the allergens are kept at bay.

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