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Sunbathing starfish

What’s all these clamor about going to a Spring Break come March of every year? Well, for a lot of us it’s finally being able to get away from the ice, cold and snow we’ve been stuck to for the past several months. Whether it’s the freezing cold that’s driving you towards a sunny place or maybe you’ve had your fair share of blue skies and would want to have a taste of winter before summer comes, a lot of Spring Break destinations have just the kind of climate you’re looking for.

We’ve talked to a lot of friends and colleagues who love to travel and we were able to compile some of the best Spring Break destinations this year. For 2013, PURE recommends the following:


Palm Springs, California

Why there? It is fun, it’s sunny and you can expect a lot of activities for the whole gang. Accommodations usually include a lot of swimming pools, golf courses, great food and in-house activities for the kids and grownups.

Things to do: Aside from relaxing in a Palm Springs resort, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities right outside the city, such as hiking, camping, nature tours and of course a lot of sunbathing in the gorgeous beaches around the area.


Miami Beach, Florida

Why there? If you’re looking for some serious 24/7 fun, then venture out into the shores of “America’s Riviera”. For kid-friendly beaches, head on to North Miami Beach where you’ll also find some note worthy Art Deco Architecture and affordable accommodations and dining options. Meanwhile, at the southernmost neighborhood is the popular SoBe or South Beach where the high-end stuff is located.

Things to do: If endless sunbathing and partying still leave you wanting more, try out the South Beach and Art Deco tour or explore the neighborhood called Ocean Drive, arguably one of the most famous boulevards around the world. Not shy? Then clothing-optional beaches Haulover Beach Park or Lummus Park are places you may enjoy.

Fond of beaches and sunshine? Other top Spring Break destinations include Punta Cana, South Padre Island, Hawaii & Cancun.


Lake Tahoe, California

Why there? If skiing or snowboarding is your thing, then you might want to give in to the urge before summer comes or duty calls. There are a lot of winter sports facilities in this area, which allows you to find one that suits your budget – whether it’s in the North or South.

Things to do: You can go snowmobiling, fishing or enjoy lots of water sports. Top spots to visit include Tallac Historic Site, Eagle Falls Trail & Emerald Bay State Park. Board the tram at The Gondola, Heavenly and enjoy breathtaking views or give in to the call of history at Vikingsholm.



Why there? If you’re looking for the finest skiing slopes on the East Coast, then head on to Vermont’s Killington, Mt. Snowe and Stowe. Aside from the great outdoor activities, there are always fun events to go to and special vacation packages. You can take part in a quilting event or enjoy the Brewfest at Smuggs.

Things to do: Immerse yourself in the serenity and scenic community by buying off food from every stall at Church Park and go off to Waterfront Park to have a picnic. You can watch the sunset from Perkins Pier and experience the taste of real maple syrup.

Can’t get enough of snow? Other top destinations include Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.


New York, New York

Why there? If you want to bask in culture rather than nature during Spring Break, then New York is one of the best places in the world to be. You can take all your time inspecting historical sites, museums, aquariums, the bright shopping scene and the eclectic cuisine.

Things to do: Aside from visiting Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, you can also hang out at Central Park, take a stroll down the West Village or have a glimpse of an old New York inside the Grand Central Terminal.

Looking for more of the city scene on Spring Break? We think you’ll enjoy all the culture in Chicago and San Francisco, as well.

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