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PURE Rooms are the most comprehensive allergy-friendly system on the market.

PURE Rooms are the most comprehensive allergy-friendly system on the market promoting anti-mold allergy using only the best air filter among other products. 


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Make Your Guests Happier & Healthier With Our Cutting-Edge Clean Air and Allergen Control Program


"Allergen Control is fast becoming a requested amenity in hotels around the world. In fact, a study by the Cornell Survey Research Institute prove that 83% of travelers would choose allergy friendly rooms if they were available. Take advantage of this growing consumer demand and offer your guests the option of PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms in your hotel. With our patent-pending allergen control program, the indoor air quality for guest rooms and meeting spaces can be dramatically improved, with no disruption to your hotel operations. Guests will relish a better night's sleep and more productive work environment, while you enjoy a distinct competitive advantage. Improve guest satisfaction and create a healthier bottom line with the PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms 

  • Direct, tangible return on investment - Case studies confirm increased revenue and market share.

  • Marketing already in place - The PURE Advantage is a highly valued commodity in hotels around the world. 

  • Easy, non-disruptive process - PURE technicians install and maintain all equipment, with no change in day-to-day operations.

  • Third-party credibility - We're renowned for our technical knowledge and expertise. We help prevent mold allergy, asthma attacks and other allergy-related conditions by using innovative products such as the best air filter in the market.

Create A Competitive Advantage With Our Health-Conscious Allergen Solution 


Increase both your guests' peace of mind and your bottom line. PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms have your guests covered - from a seven-step air and surface purification process to allergen control bedding products. To learn how to breathe new life into your hotel through the PURE Advantage, call our Customer Service Team at 716-206-1200, or  click here to contact us.