The PURE Advantage for Hoteliers

Offer Your Guests Cleaner, Fresher Rooms & Meeting Space 


A bigger market share is nothing to sneeze at. With a turn key 3rd party accreditation program there is no easier way to offer your guests allergy friendly rooms. These days, hotels that offer PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms are earning increased revenues from health-conscious customers. But we're more than just nearly allergy free pillow covers. We create an allergy friendly environment through a seven-step, patent-pending purification system targeting air and surfaces, as well as a turn-key process that won't disrupt your hotel operations. PURE Rooms improve customer satisfaction, protect your investment in room furnishings, and add value to your property. Let our installation team handle all the details, from room conversion and staff training to maintenance and recertification. Discover how refreshing rooms featuring virtually allergy free mattress and pillow encasements have helped hoteliers worldwide create a healthier bottom line. 


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Customers Prefer PURE Rooms And Our Virtually Allergy Free Products 

Increase both your guests' peace of mind and your bottom line. PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms have your guests covered - from a seven-step air and surface purification process to a nearly allergy free bedding. To learn how to breathe new life into your hotel through the PURE Advantage, call our customer service team at 716-206-1200, or click here to contact us.