PURE is green

Celebrate The Movement Toward Green Hotels

The importance of being “green” is growing, and the travel industry is at the forefront of this movement. Discover PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms, where a cutting-edge approach to wellness is in the air. In addition to revenue-generating benefits, the patented process actually can actually save a property money by increasing the property's energy efficiency and longevity of its capital goods. Add PURE to a green hotel program to create a healthier bottom line.


Reduce energy costs by increasing the efficiency of air handling units by 18-25% due to regular coil cleanings
Extend the life of capital goods such as air handling units and carpets through regular cleaning
Extend bedding life, hypoallergenic mattress and pillow encasements can withstand at least 80 washes, increasing mattress life and performance


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Create A Competitive Advantage With Our Health-Conscious Allergen Solution


Increase both your guests' peace of mind and your bottom line. PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms have your guests covered - from a seven-step air and surface purification process to allergen control bedding encasements. To learn how to make the PURE Advantage part of your green hotel program, call our Customer Service Team at 716-206-1200, or click here to contact us.