PURE Sells room

Growing the PURE brand

We realize the busy lives of hoteliers. We also understand how important guest satisfaction is for hotels. These are the reasons why we work with hotels from the time they decide to go PURE through the life of the program. 

The relationship begins when a hotel is interested in converting inventory to PURE. We have a team of PURE Relationship Manager’s dedicated to the success of each hotel and their PURE inventory. Your PURE Relationship Manager (PRM) is with you every step of the way, from conversion to adding inventory, from upsell training to guest interaction as well as sharing best practices and ongoing analysis of the revenue generation of your PURE rooms.

Below is a sampling of the services our PRM’s provide hotels on going:

  Education of the PURE Allergy Friendly Guestroom

  How to upsell the benefits to the guest

  Public Relations support

  Tracking ROI

  Monitoring booking channels to maximize premium revenue

  Social Media

  Guest feedback and direct guest interaction

  Central Reservation training

  Ongoing training for turnover and refresher training

  Key marketing verbiage, logos and pictures

  Best practices that best fit your hotel style

  24 hour support

  Partnering with sales teams for FAM’s, blitzes, sales calls & trade shows

  Front Desk incentive programs

  Celebrations and award recognition

  Our goal is for every hotel to maximize their revenue by filling their PURE rooms nightly with happy, repeat guests.