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Give Your Guests A Breath Of Fresh Air With Allergy Friendly Rooms

Today's hotel guests are more sophisticated about what types of amenities they want. Are you keeping up? A recent study by Cornell University Survey Research Institute confirms that a growing segment of consumers would prefer an allergy friendly room if available. Why not join smart hoteliers everywhere and convert a portion of your traditional rooms and meeting spaces into PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms? This will improve guest satisfaction and help you gain a share of a rapidly growing market. Fresh and clean as mountain air, a PURE Room lets your guests enjoy a great night's sleep -- thanks to a special seven-step process and medical-grade, virus & bacteria-killing air purifier. Your guests will feel their best! In fact, our purifications system even exceeds the rigorous standards for asthma and allergy patients. PURE's marketing advantage will also help drive travelers to your allergy friendly hotel.


  • 83% of travelers say they would choose an allergy friendly room if they had the options.
  • 59% of travelers would choose one hotel over another based on availability of allergen friendly rooms.

Based on a study by the Survey Research Institute, Cornell University 


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Satisfy More Guests By Offering PURE Rooms, An Allergy Friendly Hotel Room 


Increase both your guests' peace of mind and your bottom line. PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms have your guests covered - from a seven-step air and surface purification process to allergen control bedding encasements. To learn how to make the PURE Advantage part of your allergy friendly hotel, call our customer service team at 716-206-1200, or click here to contact us.