Breathe free. Live PURE.
PURE healthy lifestyle


When we launched our company, PURE Solutions NA, we started what we like to call the PURE movement. It’s based on our heartfelt conviction that everyone has a right to fresh air indoors. Today we lead that movement with allergy-friendly PURE Rooms in major hotels throughout the world, as well as an extensive line-up of PURE home products, such as air filters. But that’s just the beginning of our crusade.


We passionately believe that you should be free to enjoy a clean, fresh, allergy-friendly environment anywhere you live, learn, work or play. We have the capability and the passion to make it possible through our innovative air filters as well as other products. We plan to expand our PURE process and technologies, so you can feel confident by breathing only fresh air in indoor spaces of every kind, from schools, offices and athletic facilities to stores, restaurants and movie theaters. Follow us on our quest, and join our movement. Find out how you can live without boundaries by living PURE.