Health Experts and Athletes Endorse PURE
Physicians are Passionate About PURE



High-profile medical experts and professional athletes recommend PURE Room and home products for living an allergy-free life without boundaries. These healthy-minded people place their confidence in PURE and its ability to make their lives better with clear, consistent, fresh and clean indoor environments. With PURE in their lives, they worry less about allergy treatments. 


Physicians are Passionate About PURE

PURE is endorsed by reputable health leaders in the areas of sleep, allergies, asthma, cardiology and pediatrics.


Dr. James Maas is widely considered one of the world’s foremost sleep educators and specialists. “Dr. Oz’s Sleep Doctor,” as he is known to some, is a major proponent of the sleep-health benefits associated with creating a PURE indoor environment. As he says, “Air quality is a significant factor in getting a good night’s sleep for a better tomorrow. What a great difference it makes to breathe and sleep peacefully in a PURE Room.”



Dr. Juan Sotomayor is a noted specialist in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, with a sub-specialty in Pediatrics. Brother of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Dr. Sotomayor can testify to the beneficial effects of clean, clear, consistent PURE technology for dealing with pulmonary respiratory issues associated with allergens. “A PURE Room is truly allergy-friendly, removing or neutralizing many of the allergens that cause patient symptoms.” 


Athletes Share Their Passion for PURE

Olympic athletes and celebrities are also joining the PURE movement. They believe in PURE’s ability to improve their health and performance.


Summer Sanders is a champion swimmer, television host, sports commentator, and 2-time Gold Medalist who also happens to be a huge PURE fan. Using PURE’s patented process and products, Summer has converted her entire home into a PURE environment. “PURE allows me to live my life without boundaries because I am no longer restricted by my allergies in my home. I can breathe freely, sleep restfully, and have more energy to keep up a demanding schedule. PURE makes my life better, and I know it will improve the quality of life for anyone who suffers from allergies the way I do.”


Everyone’s Joining the PURE Movement


We are finalizing several endorsements with doctors, health experts, athletes and celebrities who advocate the PURE lifestyle, and who rely on it themselves to live in allergy-free environments without boundaries. Today, they rely less on allergy treatments. Check back here often to see how the PURE movement is growing.