Welcome our partner!

Vista Springs Assisted Living offers PURE!

PURE has partnered with Vista Springs to offer community members the very first PURE hypo-allergenic assisted living facility!


Vista Springs Macedonia, OH is the first senior care community to offer PURE hypo-allergenic residences. Vista Springs Macedonia offers vibrant senior care with state-of-the-art accommodations, various levels of personalized care services and specialized memory care programs. Along with the 24-hour services you will experience a 5-star style resort focused on achieving optimal health and happiness.


In addition, Vista Springs Macedonia features beautiful living environments that can be converted to PURE hypo-allergenic spaces, in which every surface is treated to eliminate bacteria, viruses, germs and lingering odors. PURE environments also include the world’s most powerful air purifier, which captures 99.99% of airborne particles for the purest indoor air you’ve every breathed.



To learn more about Vista Springs Macedonia, call 330-813-8855 or visit http://www.vistaspringsliving.com