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DFS Technology

Disinfecting Filtration Solution (DFS) is the patented differentiator inside Pure Wellness air purification equipment. The DFS grid creates an electrical field that causes the smallest air particles to coagulate, becoming captured or inert by contact.  DFS technology allows our air purification equipment to remove air particles down to .007 microns in size, exceeding the filtration capability of HEPA filters.

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Air Purification Options featuring DFS technology


Purifies Space: <500 sq ft;
Optimal Use cases : Portable Unit, Individual Office, Small Conference Room



Purifies Space: <1,100 sq ft;
Optimal Use cases: Portable Unit, Conference Room, Large Individual Office, Fitness Room, Reception Area



Purifies Space: <3,500 sq ft;
Optimal Use Case: Semi-Portable, Building Lobbies, Large Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Large Open Office Areas


2000 SC

Optimal Use Case: Commercial self-contained independent blower, Custom fit into air handling unit / inline system, Large HVAC systems for commercial or office use

2000 SC

Pure Surface Treatment Options

Pure Disinfectant

Our disinfectants are EPA registered and CDC approved for use against COVID-19.

Disinfecting a conference room

Pure Shield

Our Pure Shield solution not only kills viruses and bacteria on contact, it continues to destroy viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria for up to 90 days. This anti-microbial product provides a positively charged polymer network which attracts pathogen cells & punctures their cell membrane (as shown in the picture above). The cured surface is non-toxic, non-leaching, & safe for contact. 

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