Haley Payne

Head of Commercial

As Head of Commercial, Haley Payne plays a pivotal role in driving Pure Wellness’ growth and success. Overseeing the sales, marketing, and account management departments, Payne ensures that Pure Wellness continues to bring in new business while providing exceptional support to customers through training hotel associates and driving ROI peak performance of the Pure Wellness program. With the impressive distinction of being the company’s first employee, Payne has been with the company since its founding in 2007. Her tenure is underpinned by a passion for cultivating the purest and highest quality environments for each and every hotel guest.

Payne has deep roots in the hospitality industry, having worked in hotels since high school. After attending Louisiana State University, she began her professional career as a front office manager and general manager with top hotel brands like Marriott and Hilton. Her extensive experience in hospitality has evolved into a deep commitment to customer service and guest satisfaction, which paved the way to a fulfilling career with Pure Wellness. Above all, Payne’s passion lies in the profound impact of Pure rooms on guests’ lives with a better night’s sleep.

Zach Webster

Head of Operations
As Head of Operations, Zach Webster is responsible for the daily operations of Pure Wellness. He leads a small group of technicians, overseeing supply chain management and purchasing, and plays a vital role in driving profitability for the company.

Zach’s passion for well-being began during high school, where he attended Erie One Boces to study health and wellness. He went on to become a certified personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine and a volunteer firefighter for his small town. Zach joined the Pure Wellness team in 2016 as a technician, but his dedication and hard work drove him to pursue higher education at Luther Rice College and Seminary, eventually rising to the role of Head of Operations. His belief in finding a healthy work-life balance underpins his holistic approach to life and leadership. As passionate about health and wellness as ever, Zach believes travelers are looking for a solution that helps bring peace of mind, and Pure Wellness rooms can benefit all physically and mentally with a better night’s sleep.

Jordan Farrell

Director of Sales and Business Development
As Director of Sales and Business Development, Jordan Farrell excels in driving value for hotel owners by fostering transparency and understanding their unique needs. His expertise empowers strategic decisions that help to position hotels to stand out in a competitive market. Since joining the Pure Wellness team in 2022, Jordan has already garnered recognition for his contributions to the company's success, having received two notable company awards, including Most Outstanding Associate Q4 2022 and Associate of the Quarter Q1 2023. Passionate about Pure Wellness’s mission for wellness, Jordan strives for work-life balance and enjoys spending time with his six-year-old son and playing golf.

After graduating from the University of Mississippi with plans to eventually go to law school, Jordan began working with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts as a front desk associate. Captivated by his experience, he elected to commit to a career in hospitality. After six years at Wyndham, where he played a significant role in the growing franchising portfolio, Jordan’s background in development and passion for the hospitality industry made him a natural fit at Pure Wellness. He was immediately drawn to not only the company's mission but its continued client engagement throughout the patented seven-step process. His ability to articulate the value of wellness-focused offerings has been instrumental in advancing Pure Wellness’ reputation and expanding its presence in the industry.